Studio Eight Salon 

Stylist Bio's

"The Blowout Prodigy"
Chaz is the owner/stylist of Studio Eight Salon, with over 11 years experience, and a philosophy of respecting the health of hair has won her many loyal clients. Chaz is known for taking in “bleach victims” and other clients whose hair has been damaged by over processing. She expertly restores their hair to an incredibly healthy and gorgeous state beyond their expectations. Chaz doesn’t use bleach, instead she lightens hair by using high lift tints that provide the desired shade and still maintain the hair’s integrity, strength and shine. Chaz is also best known for her signature blowouts, where natural clients can have the relaxed look. There is no comparison when it comes to Chaz’ signature blowout verse the Dominican blowout….Chaz offers a blowout style technique that uses less heat, less tension, and less stress on the hair unlike most  blowouts. But, the end result is renowned weather you have chemically relaxed hair or natural hair. Chaz offers her professional advice to anyone that needs a professional opinion on her blog, with the title of “What your stylist won’t tell you but I will…” @

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